Cantenna: Part 0

Last night I ordered some parts to make a directional 2.4Ghz antenna.

  • 2x (only need 1) N-type bulkhead connectors
  • 1x N-type to RP-SMA cable, LMR200
  • 2x USB wifi radio
  • 1x 6" USB extension cord

Dosman and I are planning to create a point-to-point mesh connection between our houses. We haven't come up with a purpose for this network connection yet, we're working on the Field of Dreams principle (if you build it they will come). Hedgemage wants to make a shadow internet with lots of point-to-multipoint access. This isn't really feasable at this time for several reasons, but the biggest is simply we don't have access to place multipoint base stations where the public can access them. Another option is to create a redundant internet gateway so that we both have internet access even if one of ours goes down. At the moment we're just doing it to see if it works.

The antenna I'm going to build is a cantenna that is mounted on a disused DISH network reception dish. I'm going to remove the LNBF from the dish and place the cantenna in its location. Dosman has a 2.4 Ghz wire mesh antenna he's going to use on his end.

The radio I'm using is a Raspberry Pi 2 with 2 USB wifi trancievers attached. The raspi is running OpenWRT Chaos Calmer.

I've shamelessly stolen the design of the cantenna from this website.