Please stop hitting the guardrail!

The guard rail where my driveway meets the road has been under attack. The first occasion after we bought this house in March occured in May. Around midnight a Chevrolet plowed into it at 50 mph. The driver was extremely drunk. We had already gone to bed, and were only made aware of the situation after the first responders arrived (the car was equipped with OnStar). The child occupant was unconcious and thrown into the drainage ditch, the woman was unconcious and unresponsive, the male driver was found hiding from the police along the fence line, bleeding and with torso wounds. He was incoherent and made references to another adult who believed the car would explode. Because of the possibility of a third, and the fact that the police didn't seem to understand how to organize a search, the three of us (houseguest included) staged one. Ultimately there was no third. All three occupants survived. We hope charges were filed.

You can see the damage (and bits of Equinox) clearly in these photos. And then barely a month goes by and this happens:

A kid from the school up the road (and another occupant) drifted off the road at speed, hit the driveway, which lifted the front end and prevented handling or braking and plowed into the same section of guardrail. This time the driver was stone cold sober (and very disappointed in himself). Inattentively drifting off the road and then over-correcting is the most common cause of roll-overs.

Additional images in the gallery.